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Our apps are specifically tailored to meet the needs of schools and school districts of all sizes. With most students owning or having access to a smartphone, apps have become an effective way to communicate and reach students where they spend their time the most.

All in one

Embed your social media accounts, gradebook, calendar, video content, website pages, and more all into one easy-to-access app.

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iOS & Android

Our apps aren't just fast and lightweight. They're compatible with both iOS and Android phones. We reach all students regardless of their device!

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App Dashboard (CMS)

After we design and launch your app, your school is provided with an admin dashboard that enables you to easily add, edit, or remove all content within your app. Don't worry, our dashboard is easy and user-friendly.

All-in-one Solution

We design features with schools in mind. From embedding Google Docs, to your school's Instagram account. Perhaps linking your school's gradebook, or even designing a custom page. Our platform gives you the flexibility to choose what features you want to use.


Mobile apps have proven to be an effective alternative to cluttered school websites; providing students with only current and relevant information.

Full of Features

Our platform is filled with an entire array of features and plugins that can be easily added to your app with the click of a button.


Our designers produce modern, clean, and quality app designs tailored to your school. All we need is your school mascot, logo, and colors.


We make managing your app easy. You can view analytics, make changes, or send push notifications all from your app's dashboard. No coding required.


Not sure how to promote your school's Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter? We can embed your school's social media accounts directly within your app!

Push Notifications

Have an important message or reminder to get out to your school? We enable you to send messages directly from your dashboard that are delivered in under 30sec.

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