With TVB Apps, you'll find a wide range of features to help meet the communication needs of your school or school district.


Our interactive calendars make it easy to check times, dates, and locations of your school's events. Our content team can take any existing calendar and integrate it into your app with ease, even if it requires manual entry.


We allow your school to easily embed documents into your app. Student handbooks, permission slips, fliers, and more. Our system is compatible with most file types, including PDFs, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Google documents as well. Users can easily share, email, or print documents directly from the app.

Quick Links

Quick links allow you to embed or link websites within your app. Most schools use quick links to add their online gradebooks, library resources, athletic websites, and other sites students frequently access.


We allow you to upload and display photos directly on your app. Great for allowing students to view and download their photos from assemblies, school dances, athletics, or music concerts. These can be directly added to your app or embedded by using a Google Photo Album.

Schools may also add a photo slider on the app's home screen as seen in the screenshot on the right.


Trying to get more follows on your school or school district Twitter or Facebook pages? We make it easy to embed or link your Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, or Instagram directly into your app to help promote your school's social media accounts!

Push Notifications

We allow you to issue push notifications directly from your admin dashboard. These can be sent instantly, scheduled for a date, time, or even sent to app users within a particular location. From student spirit week reminders, to critical emergency alerts. Push notifications are a powerful communication tool.

Custom Forms

Custom forms enable you to get feedback from students on events, assemblies, or simply gather ideas. Schools also utilize Google Forms to enable voting online or through the app for ASB elections.

Custom Pages

Custom pages allow you to design content the way you want it. Embed photos, videos, links, or simply add text. Allows you to manually add pages that contain information for seniors, lunch menus, student store menus, parking information, or anything else students might want to read!


Our team works to incorporate your school's logo, colors, and mascot into a modern and clean app design. We're happy to make adjustments or changes at any time! We also give you the ability to change the app's design at any time.

User interface

Our apps are designed to be both intuitive and easy-to-navigate. Starting with a clean interface, when users open the app they're immediately presented with the most commonly accessed features. We do allow you to change the interface or way your users navigate at any time.

Content Management

After your app is launched, you will be given access to our admin dashboard. This dashboard allows you to view app analytics, add/remove/edit app features, send push notifications, manage users, and so much more. Updates to your app happen in under a minute and do not require users to download an update from any app stores. Not sure how to add something or need assistance? You can email our content team at any time and we'd be happy to edit or add any content on your app.

School Closures

We integrate with FlashAlert to allow your students to quickly check for school closures, delays, bus route changes, or other critical changes your school district announces.


Your app analytics can be viewed at any time by visiting your admin dashboard. This allows you to access details about registered users or current downloads.


We work with various schools, and school districts across the Pacific Northwest!

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