We're TVB Apps –
school-centered app development

Our story

Founded in March of 2015, our founder discovered a lack of mobile app solutions that were affordable, quality, and specifically tailored for schools. After developing a app for his high school, he saw firsthand how powerful of a tool mobile apps can be in. Apps make it easy for administrators and student leaders to engae their faculty, student body, and community members.

We've since become the largest school-centered app developer in the Pacific Northwest.

What we believe in

Uncompromising quality
In the eyes of our schools, we've earned a reputation of offering apps of the highest quality. We hold our team accountable for ensuring quality is built into everything we do. Superior quality and performance ensures future trust and confidence in our brand.

Continuous improvement
We take the feedback our schools give us very seriously. We are constantly striving for rapid continuous improvement; we are never satisfied. We are energized by change, and will continue to anticipate and develop features our schools want and need.

Who we are

Van Brocklin Founder + CEO

Brittany White Support Specialist

Sophie Hernández Developer

Jake Obasanjo Designer

Spencer Adams Developer

What drives us

While there are many things that drive us, watching our new school's apps go from 50 users to 2,000 users in the matter of months has got to be our favorite.


We're a group of passionate University of Washington students aiming to bring premium mobile apps into every school and school district in the Pacific Northwest.


Our apps run fast, are lightweight, and have a premium look and appearance. Our designer works with each school to develop a look and aesthetic that not only look good, but incorporate your school's logo, mascot, and colors.


Who knows students better... than students? We constantly seek to develop new and creative features to implement into our apps.

Why you should work with

Schools come first

Our solutions are specifically designed to meet the needs of schools of all sizes.

The power is in your hands

Unlike other developers, we give you the power to edit or make changes to your app at any time.

We know you’re unique

Each app is personalized to meet the needs and style of each of our schools.

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